Welcome To Shiba Council

Shiba Council is a collection of 1,288 unique generated shiba in Solana Blockchain.

Join the Shiba Council today! Mint is live.

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The Launch of
Shiba Council
The Birth of Shiba Council

✅ Discord & Twitter Launch
✅ Whitelisting & Marketing
✅ Mint Site Live
✅ First Airdrop of $BONK to OGs
☐ Marketplace Listing
✅ Rarity Chart
✅ Setup ShibaDAO
☐ $BONK Airdrop for Minters
☐ 1st Charity Donation
The Launch of
After Shiba Council has been minted out, $BONK will be launch on Raydium.

☐ Launch on Raydium
☐ Telegram & Website
☐ Coingecko & Coinmarketcap listing
☐ $BONK Staking Pool
☐ More to be added...
Development of P2E Game
Shibaverse is a P2E Game that will be launch.

☐ Concept art and design
☐ Setting up infrastructure
☐ Official Website Launch
☐ Marketing & Strategic partnerships
☐ NFT Gallery
☐ Alpha game release
☐ New game features
☐ In-game Purchases/Marketplace
☐ Other mini- game releases
☐ Cross-chain functionality
☐ More to be added...

“We aim to create our own metaverse called 'Shibaverse', where you'll be able to interact with your NFT and earn. This is a step we are taking to provide utility for both the NFT & $BONK”

Chief Shiba, Co-founder of Shiba Council

Utility For
Shiba NFT
The holders are the core of the project, more utilities and rewards will be built for the holders of Shiba Council NFT

☐ Weekly $BONK Airdrop
☐ Shiba Breeding (Gen 2)
☐ Access to Shiba Council P2E Game
☐ Exclusive Events & Merch
☐ More to be added...
Other Events in 
Shiba Council is Taking Off! 🚀

☐ Offline Holders Meetup Event
☐ Donations for charities
☐ Influencer Marketing
☐ Brand Collabs
☐ More to be decided by the DAO

$BONK Tokenomics

Token Ecosystem


Holders of $BONK can contribute to the development of our game franchise, Shibaverse.

Shibaverse Game

$BONK will be a main reward currency in Shibaverse P2E.

Stake & Earn

Earn competitive APY from our Dual and Single asset staking.

Buyback & Burn

Proceeds from the project will be allocated for scheduled buy back and burn.

Upcoming P2E Game

Interactive Shibaverse House and NFT Gallery

Interact with your Shiba in your Shibaverse  Home. Acquire in-game items to decorate your Shiba's home. Connect your wallet and display your NFTs. Check out and visit other homes in Shibaverse.

Shibaverse P2E

Shibaverse P2E will consists of multiple P2E games. Unlike other P2E games, we want people to have a variety of games to play so they won't get bored of playing just one game. Even though it earns you money, it shouldn't be boring!

NFT & $BONK Staking

Stake to rent your shiba to others when you're too busy to play the game. Split earnings for both parties. Players can also choose to stake their $BONK for competitive APY.


Purchase tokens and invest in our ecosystem. You will need a phantom wallet, click the link below and swap USDC for $BONK.

SHIBADAO Ecosystem



The NFT holders will have access to our DAO where they can vote on activities, donations and proposed game developments.

Holding Rewards:

Gen 1 NFT holders will be entitled holding rewards in the form of $BONK when they hold their NFT. Gen 2 NFT will not have any.


Players must hold Gen 1 & Gen 2 NFT to access and play the game. Players will get to earn $BONK from playing the game.

Game Ecosystem


Profits from "In-game purchases" will contribute revenue to the DAO which will be used for (Liquidity to $BONK, Events, Marketing, etc.)

Get to access our game and play to earn $BONK.



$BONK tokens will be used as the main currency for the Shiba Council ecosystem.

Liquidity & growth in value will come from the revenue of our P2E game and other projects.


Main reward currency for the P2E game


Main holding reward
for the NFT holders.

Other Projects:

Main source of funding

Other Projects


$BONK will be also used as investments to create new project such as a NFT Platform - proceeds from these projects will be reinvested to the growth of the NFT & $BONK.


Where can I buy Shiba Council NFT?

You can get Shiba NFT in https://adoptioncenter.shibacouncil.com/

Mint Price: 0.48 SOL

Here's how to buy Solana:

Solana also known as SOL is a cryptocurrency. This project will be on the Solana Blockchain. As a newbie in the crypto space we recommend that you sign up to Binance on your desktop.

1. You will need to buy Solana first using your local currency (USD, HKD, GBP etc)
2. Click on "Buy Now" on the home page
3. Select your local currency (in the example below I selected USD) on "Spend" and select "USDT" for "Receive". Select the amount you want to spend on our NFT. Then click continue.
4. Once you have USDT, click on "convert"
5. Here, you will need to convert your USDT to Solana (SOL) -> click 'Preview Conversion' and proceed.
6. Then Congrats! you now have Solana (SOL) to buy your first NFT!

Here's how to send Solana from your Binance wallet to your Phantom wallet:

1. Create a Phantom wallet https://phantom.app and add it to your Chrome (Phantom wallet is a Solana wallet, it is only available on your desktop for now, they will launch on mobile early next year - now you know how early you are in this space! is going to explode!)
2. In your Phantom wallet, you can click on the long number at the top (which is your unique ID of your wallet) and it will automatically copy the number
3. Go back on your Binance, click on "Wallet" > "Overview" > "Withdraw" > - Select coin, select "SOL"
- Address, make sure to paste your Phantom wallet address here (double check)
- Network, make sure to select "SOL" as the network
- Select the amount of SOL you want to withdraw and then click withdraw
4. Give it a few seconds/sometimes minutes, and check your Phantom wallet. Your SOL should be available on your Phantom wallet now!

When will $BONK be launch?

$BONK will be launch after Shiba Council NFT is SOLD OUT.

How do we get Gen 2 Shiba?

The supply of Gen 2 Shiba will be used to get more people into the Shiba Council and the P2E Game. The Gen 2 supply will be at 8000.

Gen 2 can be purchased by Gen 1 Shiba holders using $BONK. Gen 1 Holders will just need to hold 2 NFT and $BONK tokens to get GEN 2 NFTs. $BONK will be burned and the 2 NFT will remain with you. In total, 644 Gen 2 NFT will be available for Gen 1 holders. 

The remaining supply will be made available to the public and be minted using SOL.